Everything you need to know about Releasable Cable Ties


Cable ties that can be reused are not the same as conventional cable ties. While these tools are comparable, reusable zip ties are far more versatile and environmentally friendly because they may be reused multiple times. Depending on their design, several different types of reusable ties can be utilised in a number of applications, making any form of wire or product management simple. These heavy-duty cable ties are designed to be robust and flexible, allowing them to be reused without breaking. Here are some of the common types of Reusable Cable Ties.

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-      Releasable Cable Ties:

Reusable cable ties can be used at home or office to tie wires and other cabling purposes.

 Removable cable ties can be detached from a bundle and then reapply after relocation if you want to rearrange or transfer gadgets. The following are the product specifications for releasable cable ties:

     Lengths range from 5′′ to 36′′

     Tensile strength ranges from 25 to 50 pounds

     Temperature ranges between 40 – 180°F is a standard range

     Trigger and Pawl release methods are used

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-      Beaded Cable Ties:

Another versatile reusable zip tie option is beaded ties. They come in a wider range of colours and materials, making them more adaptable to usage in tougher environmental conditions.

Because of the simple beading and keyhole locking technique, these reusable ties are a straightforward and easy-to-use alternative on many job sites. The technical specifications of beaded zip ties are as follows:

     Lengths range from 5′′ to 14′′

     Tensile strength ranges up to 75 Ibs

     Type 6/6 nylon and low-density polyethylene are used to make this product

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-      Velcro Hook & Loop Ties:

Velcro is well-known for its ease of use and dependability, and it is now available on zip ties. Velcro reusable zip ties are ideal for circumstances involving fairly fragile wiring insulation bundles, as well as situations where they will be reused frequently.

 Because of the hook and loop method, they are extremely versatile and simple to use. The Velcro ties are supplied on a continuous roll, so you'll always have them on hand. The technical specifications of Velcro hook and look reusable ties are as follows:

     Lengths range from 5′′ to 18′′

     Shipped in 5-yard or 25-yard rolls

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Working of Releasable Cable Ties:

Many reusable zip ties have a trigger release, while others employ a pawl release. The trigger release mechanism tightly binds everything together but only releases when touched by a human. A finger-catch mechanism at the locking end is intended to be quickly undone so as not to interfere with fast-paced jobs.

The pawl release button is considered an integral part of the head ratchet, and pressing the pawl handle down will release the ratchet from the tie, allowing you to simply draw the tail out.

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Self-adhesive cable ties are another type of reusable cable tie that is simple and lightweight to use. Larger amounts of wires or cables will require a stronger cable tie to keep them all in place.