How Cable Ties came into Existence


Cable ties come in a variety of styles. Zip ties, wire ties, bundling ties, and fasteners are other names for cable ties. The Ty-Rap fastening was designed in 1958 by two engineers named Thomas and Brett. These nylon and metal cable ties were designed for use with aeroplane harnesses.

Prior to the introduction of cable ties, manufacturers, companies, and traders employed better alternatives to cable ties to secure and package products, such as tapes, lacing cords, and twines, among others. This was not an appropriate bundling strategy. There was a need to develop something that could properly and neatly bundle wires and cable. Cable ties were used as a solution to the wire arranging & sorting problems.

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As the technology evolved, nylon cable ties were introduced. These ties were adjustable and self-locking. Some of them are reusable.

Various Cable Ties & their common uses:

Cable ties are available in a wide range of sizes, colours, and materials, including nylon 6/6, nylon, Fluoropolymer, stainless steel, metal, and many more.

    Standard Tie Wraps:

Standard Tie Wraps are high-quality cable ties that are durable and long-lasting.

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    Heavy-Duty Cable Ties:

Heavy-Duty cable ties are ideal for more difficult bundling applications.

    Miniature Cable Ties:

These little cable ties are exceptionally strong and are ideal for minor, light-duty cable and wire bundling applications.

    Extra Heavy-Duty Cable Ties:

The name implies that these ties are intended for use in extra-heavy-duty bundling applications.

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    Intermediate Cable Zip Ties:

These zip ties are durable and sturdy, making them excellent for bundling jobs in medium-duty applications.

    Stainless Steel Zip Ties:

Steel zip ties made of stainless steel are highly strong and long-lasting. They are suitable for cable and wire bundling applications in hostile conditions or at high temperatures.

    Releasable Cable Ties:

Releasable ties are a great cable tie option for a variety of cable and wire bundling applications. Reusable cable ties can be reused/re-used several times and provide a safe, dependable bundling option.

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    Metal Detectable Cable Ties:

These ties are commonly used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Metal detecting cable ties are suitable for any application in which contamination must be avoided.

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    Tefzel Fluoropolymer Cable Ties:

Tefzel Fluoropolymer cable ties are suitable for bundling applications that require resilience to environmental pressures such as UV radiation, gamma radiation, chemicals, and severe temperatures.