Most Common Types of Cable Ties Used in the Market


Cable ties are fasteners that keep your cables and wires tidy while also protecting them from injury. They are available in a range of sizes, heights, fabrics, and colours. Cable ties are used in a variety of industries, but they all have one thing in common: they are the most effective way to handle your cables.

Kafton UK Cable Ties is a well-known heavy duty cable ties manufacturer and one of the main producers of Standard cable ties in the United Kingdom.

Let's start by looking at the available cable ties online. Standard cable ties, for example, are weather-resistant, allowing them to be utilised in environments where their cousins cannot.

Standard cable ties are a wonderful all-arounder, but if you require advanced cable ties, you can acquire them as well.

Let's look at some of the various types of cable ties and how they're used:

    Screw mount cable ties:

They are appropriate for fastening and can be screwed or fastened to metal or wooden panels.

    Colour Cable Ties:

The conventional black cable tie is one of the most frequently used cable ties. At Kafton UK Cable Ties, customers can select from a variety of colours, including red, green, brown, white, and clear zip links.

 With these cable ties, colour labelling is simple: Workers, for example, may have aided in the faster discovery of certain components.

 Kafton UK Cable Ties is one of the most distinguished cable ties suppliers in the UK.

    Standard Cable Ties:

They contain a self-lock mechanism for single-use applications and are available in a range of colours for improved colour labelling.

    Stainless Steel cable ties:

It is one of the most durable cable ties on the market, withstanding extreme temperatures and radiation while being flame and vibration resistant.

    Releasable cable ties:

They have a re-usability value and can be used multiple times. They are used to splice in more cables and to stylize in different colours.

 The detailed description of cable ties is now finished. If you're looking for cable ties for sale in the UK, go no further than Kafton UK Cable Ties.