Mount Type Cable Ties Available in UK Market


Cable Ties & Fixings, Screw Mounted Cable Ties, Double Loop Cable Ties, P Clips, Push Mount Cable Ties, Stainless Steel Cable Ties, and Masonry Mount Screws are all available at extremely low prices from Kafton UK Cable Ties. There are additional electrical terminals and objects linked to wiring and connections.

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Push Mount Cable Ties:

Without the use of any tools, these Cable Ties with an extra Push Mount Head fasten cable bunches to a panel or chassis. This is performed easily by passing the anchor through a 2.3 mm thick plate and linking the cables together with the cord. Tensioning Wings on the anchor ensure a secure, rattle-free, and sturdy installation.

Screw Mount Cable Ties:

Screw mount cable ties are designed to be fastened into a chassis or panel. Screw Mount Cable Ties fasten your cable bundle to any surface, including communication racks, walls, and ceilings. These screw-holed zip ties allow for quick and easy permanent installation.

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Button Head Cable Ties:

The two-piece button head tie allows for both access and departure through the head at the same time. Serrations run down both sides of the strap, and two opposed pawls are recessed within a domed head. This design allows for bi-directional looping by guiding the strap clockwise or counter-clockwise before inserting it into the head.

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Double Loop Cable Ties:

Double loop cable ties are intended for use as a hand restraint. They're composed of high tensile strength nylon and have a twin loop design for quick and easy application. The zip tie handcuffs' rounded edges and smooth inside surface help to reduce abrasion and skin harm.

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Marker Cable Ties:

Cable connects with a self-locking tab for labelling details. This gadget has strong mounting capabilities and is great for recognising cable harnesses. To mark the tie, use a permanent marker or a self-adhesive label.