Types of Cable Ties & Their Common Application


You may be wondering what the function of cable ties is and how to locate the best Cable ties online. They're used to connect and bundle cables and wires to help them cooperate and protect themselves. They come in a wide range of sizes, lengths, fabrics, and even colours. Cable ties are utilised in many industries, but they all have one thing in common: they are the most efficient way to handle your cables.

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Let's start with a look at the many sorts of cable ties that are available. The chart below is by no means exhaustive because it only includes subsets of cable links. Standard cable ties, for example, can survive the elements, allowing them to be used in situations where their cousins cannot.

Overview & Uses:

Standard cable ties:


     Usually single use

     Available in different colors for color coding

Releasable cable ties:

     The phrase "reusable" refers to something that can be used more than once.

     It is feasible to open it up so that more cables can be added.

     Only a few versions are still available in a variety of colours.

Push mount cable ties:

     Because it is equipped with a mounting device, no further fixes are required.

     Attached with a screw or an adhesive backing

     Fast mounting process

     More secure fastening

     Snaps into pre-drilled holes

Screw mount cable ties:

     It's ideal for affixing to metal or wooden panels.

     It enables you to screw or bolt them into position.

Belt cable ties:

     Flexible design

     Quick release mechanism

Marker cable ties:

     Essentially an ordinary cable tie with a tag for writing on.

Heavy duty cable ties:

     Can be used to bundle up the heavy cables

Stainless steel cable ties:

     High-temperature resistance

     Radiation, vibration, and flame resistance are all features of this product.

Heavy duty strap and buckle:

     Tensile strength of up to 350 lbs. for use in heavy-duty situations

     The buckle's steel teeth grip the strap tightly.

     The strap has a pre-assembled buckle on one end.

Double headed cable ties:

     Maintains the separation of two wire bundles

     There's no need for any more cable links.

Hook and loop cable ties:

     This is the tool to utilise when you require a temporary bind.

     It is adjustable and can be fastened and loosened multiple times.

     This is ideal for delicate cables.



  1. Aerospace
  2. Automotive
  3. Equipment manufacturing
  4. Consumer appliances and electronics
  5. Enclosures and cabinets
  6. Construction and mining

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