What are the applications of Colour Cable Ties?


These versatile and colourful nylon cable ties may be used for a variety of tasks, including cord and wire organising and overhead cable runs. The Standard colour cable ties provide the lowest threading force of any one-piece cable tie in the industry, providing constant performance and durability when bundling, and its miniature to standard cross-sections include a curved tip for simple threading and handling. For easy product identification and cable organisation, select from a wide range of colour options.

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One of the most popular cable ties is the basic black cable tie.

Colour cable ties are ideal for colour coding: for example, workers can be assisted in finding specific parts more quickly or accurately assigning them. This is notably significant in the automotive industry, but it is equally important in many other industries.

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Some industries, by the way, prefer specific cable tie colours: Blue, for example, is frequently favoured in the food industry, but pink is essential in the aerospace industry.

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Our brown and green cable ties are often used in forestry and in the garden to help tie back plants and hedges.

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Red cable ties are historically used to secure red noses to cars and for fire and emergency systems.

Silver cable ties are ideal for connecting hubcaps to car wheels, while blue ties are typically used in intrinsically safe settings such as hospitals. They have an outstanding oil, grease, and petrol resistance rating, a fair solvent resistance rating, and a medium UV resistance rating.

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