What are the common types of Cable Ties used in the UK market?


There are various types of cable ties available. Zip ties, wire ties, bundling ties, and fasteners are all names for cable ties. In the year 1958, two Thomas & Brett engineers devised the 'Ty-Rap' fastening. These cable ties were designed for aeroplanes harnesses and were constructed of nylon and metal.

Manufacturers, firms, and merchants employed better alternatives to cable ties, such as tapes, lacing cords, and twines, to secure and bundle products before the advent of cable ties. This was not the correct method of bundling. It was necessary to create something that bundled wires and cable in a neat and orderly manner. The answer was cable ties.

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Complete nylon cable ties were introduced with the advancement of technology. These ties were self-locking and adjustable. Some of them can be used again.

Common Cable Ties used in the UK market:

  1. Miniature Cable Ties are little cable ties that are extremely robust and are best suited for light-duty cable and wire bundling applications.
  2. Intermediate Cable Zip Ties are strong and dependable zip ties that are suitable for bundling medium-duty assignments.
  3. Standard Tie Wraps are high-quality cable ties that are long-lasting and dependable.
  4. Heavy-Duty Cable Ties are ideal for situations that require a lot of bundling.
  5. Extra Heavy-Duty Cable Ties are designed for extra-heavy-duty bundling applications, as the name implies.
  6. The ideal cable tie solution for a wide range of cable and wire bundling applications is Releasable cable ties. Reusable cable ties are secure and reliable bundling solutions that may be reused / reusable numerous times.

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  1. Low-profile in-line cable ties are appropriate for a variety of cable and electrical applications requiring a parallel entry.
  2. Steel zip ties made of stainless steel are extremely strong and long-lasting. They're ideal for bundling cable and wire applications in harsh environments or at extreme temperatures.
  3. Tefzel Fluoropolymer Cable Ties are ideal for bundling applications that require chemical, gamma, UV, and extreme temperature resistance.
  4. Halar Fluoropolymer Cable Ties are ideal for bundling qualifying cable applications. These cable ties are U.L. Flammability rated and are very flame resistant.
  5. Food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries commonly employ metal detectable cable ties. Metal detecting cable ties are ideal for any application in which contamination is a concern.
  6. Chemical and outdoor pollutants are not a problem for Polypropylene Cable Ties.
  7. Heat Stabilized Nylon Cable Ties are heat resistant and have a high melting point.
  8. Bundling and mounting are both possible with Mounted Head Cable Ties.
  9. Restricted Bundle Cable Ties have a restricted tie that creates a fixed loop.

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  1. Important cable and wire identifying information, as well as assembly numbers, are imprinted or handwritten on Flag ID Cable Ties.
  2. A marker space on ID Marker Cable Ties can be used to imprint or handwrite cable assembly numbers and other important identification information.
  3. Write-on Flag Tie Markers/Wire Ties are ideal for identifying and marking wires, cables, pipes, valves, equipment, and inventories, among other things.
  4. Metal wickets can be replaced with Ski Ties / Security Ties, which are a simple and effective alternative.
  5. Hook and Loop Cable Ties are soft, flexible cable ties that protect wire insulation from injury.
  6. Specialty Cable Ties are offered for a number of applications and function well in difficult and extreme environments.